RHINO NUTMEG™ is available either whole or ground to your specifications. It is always packed fresh. Tripper follows a strict quality control for cleaning and removing aflatoxin to ensure results within mandatory limits.

Current Affairs Indonesia – November 2009
As expected, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (nicknamed “SBY”) won the presidential election of 2009 in the first round with 60% of the votes. A few months back his party came out first in the parliamentary elections, giving him a broad power base to lead Indonesia the coming five years. His success is welcomed by most commentators, since SBY showed promising results during his first mandate:  stable economic performance, serious attempts to curb corruption practices, improvement of the country’s infrastructure, among other things.

When it comes to economic structure, Indonesia resembles its neighbor China. Exports make up around 40% of the economy with domestic consumption accounting for 60%. This explains to a large part why both countries still show positive growth rates despite the global recession. This year, the Indonesian economy is expected to grow 4.3%.

The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) has appreciated 13% to the USD so far in 2009. The currency has strengthened to IDR 9,280 per USD on October 15 and is now trading around IDR 9,500. Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate is at a record low of 6.5%, thanks to low inflation and positive economic outlook. During the Asian crisis of 1998 the central bank’s interest rate was over 50%.

Indonesia has come a long way and the recovery through both economic and political reforms is living proof of this country’s wealth in people and resources making it an important player in the world economic scene for the years to come.
Tripper's Nutmeg (Origin : Indonesia)
RHINO NUTMEG™ is available either whole or ground to your specifications. It is always packed fresh. Tripper follows a strict quality control for cleaning and removing aflatoxin to ensure results within mandatory limits.
Nutmeg Ground 30 Mesh
50 Lb/Cs
Nutmeg Ground 30 Mesh Organic
50 Lb/Cs
Nutmeg TBC 18 Mesh Organic
50 Lb/Cs
Nutmeg Whole Organic
50 Lb/Cs
Rhinoceros, or Rhino, is the name of a group of five species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae. Two of these species are native to Africa and three to southern Asia. Three of the five species—the Javan, Sumatran and Black Rhinoceros—are critically endangered. The Indian is endangered, with fewer than 2,700 individuals remaining in the wild. The White is registered as "vulnerable", with approximately 17,500 remaining in the wild, reports the International Rhino Foundation.
What is a Rhino ?
On September 30th mother nature demonstrated her power once more with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in West Sumatra. The quake has killed over a thousand people and injured many more only in a few minutes. As a token of solidarity, Tripper has donated 5MT of rice to the hardest hit families in the cassia production area, as well as candles from our sister company California Candles. Through our network of cinnamon suppliers the rice and candles have been distributed to those in need.
New one gallon jug (HDPE)
Seven years ago, Tripper developed a special one-gallon bottle for our vanilla extracts. Because sourcing of this custom made “tip and measure” bottle has become increasingly difficult, we have decided to phase it out. Only the MACA2XO will continue to be bottled in it for the time being. All other vanilla extracts will be packed in this easy to handle and less costly plastic (HDPE) one-gallon jug from now on. Also COBR1X will be available in this one gallon jug. Off the Shelf Oxnard
Terms and Conditions of Sale available at our website
Last month we consolidated our terms and conditions relating to quality, price and delivery, as well as credit and payment terms, in one clear document. Tripper Inc. and Tripper Nature Terms and Conditions of Sale can be consulted and see at: Terms And Conditions Of Sale
"Go Green"
Starting November 2009, we would like to minimize the use of papers to support "Go Green" activities. All the invoices to Customers will be sent online through Customer's webmail. Paper invoices will be send upon request to accounting department.
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Plastic liner for DRAGON Cinnamon
As reported in our second newsletter, Tripper is phasing out its aluminum liners, replacing them with more cost-efficient plastic liners. Based on our research, there is no impact on quality and shelf-life. From now on, all our DRAGON products will be packed in standard plastic bags. It is still possible to request the aluminum foil gusset bag for an additional charge of 2ct/lb.
Ginger prices new harvest up
Last month the new organic ginger harvest from East-Java came in. We secured a sizable portion of it for our ELEPHANT product range (ELEP30O, ELEP18O and ELEP06O). Unfortunately, the price of organic Indonesian ginger raw material increased. This translates into higher ginger ground selling prices for the months to come. Usually prices ease in the course of the year.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Tripper’s vision is to be the strategic partner of choice at origin for customers in search of vanilla, sweet spices and other natural ingredients. We consider it our mission to be a reliable, ethical supplier for costumers looking for socially responsible natural and organic solutions.
Our products It’s our business to provide clean, safe and traceable sweet spices and other natural ingredients consistent with international quality assurance standards, such as HACCP and ISO1991-2000. It’s our aim to do this in a responsible way, to the benefit of people, planet and profit.
Like any modern multinational company Tripper aims to empower its employees whenever and wherever possible: whether in production or office, in Bali or Jakarta. Our employees are trained to do their work safely and efficiently. We give opportunities for skills development. On a regular basis we send employees to our sales office in the USA. Tripper does more then Indonesian labor laws require and we are an equal opportunity employer. We pay higher wages, we provide healthcare insurance for our employees and their families, and we apply strict safety measures. Our HR-system ensures transparency, equality and opportunity.
Throughout our two decades long history we have built relationships with local growers, striving for long-term partnerships that strengthen business mutually. We look to improve local livelihoods of the farmers, who are still predominantly living and farming under traditional circumstances. As a decent company we want our suppliers to live decent lives. We make sure that basic human rights are observed: no social injustice like forced, involuntary or child labor and the freedom to organize and bargain collectively.
Tripper strives to keep its carbon footprint as light as possible. We convinced our raw material suppliers to switch their packaging to a reusable material. In our factory and warehouses everything is recycled and our office is paper free. We minimize energy use for our operations and offices. Finished goods are only shipped in fully stuffed containers to reduce the product’s environmental cost. We avoid producers that use non-sustainable, environmentally unfriendly cultivation methods. Year on year we increase the number of our organic suppliers.
Speculaas is a centuries-old Dutch spicy biscuit, still enjoyed in the Netherlands today. It is associated with the Dutch children’s feast of Sinterklaas, which is celebrated December 5th. The cookies are shaped in special wooden frames. Special figures (like windmills or puppets) are cut out in a mould. The dough is rolled into the figurines and then baked. The specific ingredient for Speculaas is a mix of several Indonesian spices.

Recipe for nutty Speculaas spice mix:
15 gram (2 Tbs.) Dragon Cinnamon™ ground
2 gram (1 tsp.) Gorilla Cloves™ ground
2 gram (1 tsp.) Rhino Nutmeg™ ground
1 gram (1/2 tsp.) white pepper
1 gram (3/4 tsp.) Elephant Ginger™ ground

Recipe for Speculaas cookies:

400 gram (1 lb) flour with a pinch of salt
10 gram (2 1/2 tsp.) baking powder
4 gram (1 1/2 tsp.) Speculaas spices
200 gram (1/2 lb) butter
250 gram (10 oz) brown caster sugar
75 gram (3 ounces) almond flakes

Baking directions:

Sift the flour and whisk it with the baking powder, Speculaas spices and salt. Mix in a separate bowl the (cold) butter and casting sugar until light and fluffy. Add the flour mixture and beat until combined. Leave it in the fridge for max. 8 hours so the spices will blend well with the dough. Then knead the dough again. Roll it out until about 1.5 cm (2/3 inch) thick and cut out the desired shape. Sprinkle the almond flakes on top. Place the tray in the middle of the oven and bake for about 15 minutes at 160 Celsius (350 degrees F) in a preheated oven.

*This recipe was tested in Tripper Nature's Kitchen.
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