Tripper finalized internal NFC standard for a high quality, sustainable production of Sumatran Cinnamon. We are proud to work together with Pak Haji Tjap and his team (Padang Aro, South Solok, Sumatra) toward improving the supply chain and sustaining better traceability of our products.


Tripper Newsletter 2015After more than a year’s joint effort with all our cinnamon stakeholders, we finalized our internal NFC standard for a high quality, sustainable production of Sumatran Cinnamon.

We are proud to work together with Pak Haji Tjap and his team (Padang Aro, South Solok, Sumatra) toward improving the supply chain and sustaining better traceability of our products.

The Fair Trade challenge
Since the NFC certificate was obtained and the standard application implemented, we also took up other challenges... social aspects, wages, non-discrimination and child labor are also important topics to address in Indonesia.
To be certified toward a socially responsible standard is of our highest priority.

TRIPPER NATURE-Bali, TRIPPER NATURE-Jakarta and our Sumatran producers were audited by IMO (Institute of Market ecology) regarding the requirements of the Fair For Life program. From the harvesters to TRIPPER’S staff, including collectors and warehouses workers, working conditions and prices are in full compliance with the Fair For Life values.

With this certification, we want to spread the benefit of sustainable Cinnamon production to the Sumatran communities. The Fair Trade Premium fund is increasing every time we sell Fair Trade certified Cinnamon. How to use this fund? It is the choice of the local producers… Cinnamon tree replantation, health and safety, education… Time will tell!


Amandine Dubourg- Sustainable Agriculture Developer


TRIPPER is increasing corporate conscience by integrating social, environmental and economic concerns with it’s stakeholders (first of all, its employees!)
Every Friday at TRIPPER NATURE-Bali, the staff learns how to cultivate various crops including those we propose to customers. From Ginger to turmeric, vegetables and aromatic herbs, we explore in order to understand our product range from every aspect of growth to cultivation.
Natural fertilization, mixed cropping and permaculture are some of the practices TRIPPER wants to instill.

Ayo Patchouli

IDEP Foundation – What is permaculture?
Training by IDEP was providing to our employees as a way to gather, learn and open discussions about sustainability.


IDEP Logo ( IDEP:‘IDEP is a local Indonesian NGO based in Bali - Indonesia, founded in 1999, that develops and delivers training, community programs and media related to sustainable development through Permaculture, and Community-based Disaster Management’. – )

Amandine Dubourg- Sustainable Agriculture Developer


January was a month full of audits, a good start for the New Year directly after the holidays. Our Bali Plant & Head Office had their first ISO 22000 Surveillance audit (certified since 2014). The Jakarta plant had an ISO 22000 triennial audit (certified since 2012). Both the Bali & Jakarta plants had Kosher audits. Organic audits followed up on the findings of last year’s audit for both locations and our suppliers. And last but not least, the Fair For Life certification audit for our cinnamon supply chain and production.

Both locations did very well for the ISO 22000. In Jakarta we focused on FSSC 22000 as ISO 22000 was implemented and effective. The FSSC upgrade is planned for later this year with SAI Global Indonesia.

As expected the Kosher audit was not a problem at all. Please check our website for our new Kosher certificate (valid until February 28, 2016).

The organic audit was intensive and a lot of extra documentation was needed. We are already certified organic since 2005, so we were able to handle it and know how to organize our suppliers. The organic audit was conducted by Control Union Certifications… Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Vanilla, Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, Black Tea, Green Tea and Cocoa were sourced throughout Indonesia.

The real challenge was the Fair for Life audit. We were confident to rely on our organic experience and ICS system. A new standard with brand new topics on social, environmental and economic topics was new to TRIPPER. With common sense and sustainable relationships with our suppliers, it is not that different than what we have always done before, to provide evidence & records.


Fiza Mawaddah- Quality Assurance Officer
Evert-Jan Verschuren- Quality and Sustainability Manager


Jokowi, Indonesian PresidentIndonesia’s new president did not get a honeymoon period since he was appointed back in October 2014. One of his first measures was to slash fuel subsidies. That decision proved very unpopular because it brought about a price increase of all basic commodities, therefore hurting the lower classes.

Jokowi built his image as a clean politician and bold reformer while he was Jakarta Governor, but managing a city and a complex archipelago are two different things. Jokowi is clearly very different from his predecessors in the sense that he is not a product of a political party. He used to be a businessman in a small Javanese town before becoming Governor of the capital city Jakarta.

He is a humble, down to earth person who doesn’t mind mingling with street vendors; he is not great at making long speeches; he basically acts when others talk. His main issue for the years to come will now be to run the country without a parliament majority. The party that backed him up during the election only has a minority of seats and most decisions will need to get consensus from opposing parties. As we see, Indonesia is clearly a shining example of a country that smoothly switched from a dictatorship to a modern democratic system. If Jokowi can implement the infrastructure investments planned, Indonesia could experience a steady economic growth of 6% for the years to come.

Good luck Jokowi!

Olivier Bernard- New Business Development


Tripper SDS

After the launch in early 2014, TRIPPER SPRAY DRIED products have gathered much anticipated hype. Ranging from our sweet spices commodities of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Ginger and Turmeric we have expanded the varieties by having green tea, strawberry, coffee, rosella, and banana spray dried.

A blend of our natural extracts and a carrier are dried rapidly at a hot temperature to form our spray dried… the products are 100% natural, sterile and uniform in size. Nowadays, spray dried products have found widespread applications such as in beverages, nutraceutical, dairy and bakery.

Clara Marisa- Business Development Manager


cremebrulee recipe INGREDIENTS
- Cream: 1 liter.
- Egg Yolk: 12.
- Castor Sugar: 200 gm.
- TRIPPER Vanilla Paste: 6 tsp.

- Boil the cream.
- Remove from fire.
- Mix the yolk and sugar together.
- Add cream, stirring continously.
- Pour mix into the cream.
- Bake in double boiler at 1500C. For 30 - 35 minutes.

Four Seasons Hotel

Suraj Karmakar
Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Resort. Jimbaran Bay, Bali-Indonesia


Several photos from our latest show:BIOFACH, 11-14 February 2015. Nuremberg, Germany.

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