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Myristica fragrans

Native to Indonesia, nutmeg is the only tropical fruit that is the source of two different spices. Mace, the red leathery covering that protects the seed, is its little-known counterpart. It has a sharp kick of nutmeg flavor. At a time when many companies are cutting corners to get the cheapest price for nutmeg, we offer only the purest small batches of the best nutmeg you can find.

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We are proud to offer organic nutmeg. It is easier for harvesters to gather nutmeg from the ground but nutmeg that has rested on the ground is susceptible to contamination and excess moisture that supports the growth of mold. Being at the source, we are at an incredible advantage as we can monitor the potential presence of aflatoxins. Through a collaborative process and strong relationships with our farmers, sustainable agricultural methods are used to produce the highest quality and safest product.