“Cinnamon update”

After a significant price increase during the last 2 quarters, we have witnessed a stabilization which is mostly due to high inventories combined with a slow demand from the key Padang players. This situation should change by late August, early September when the main buyers become active again. Let’s not discount also the importance of the weather, though we are actually still in the dry season it is raining almost every day in central Sumatra which is impacting the access, process and transportation of the cinnamon barks.


"The clove crop will begin in July"

The clove crop will begin in July. The market is very restricted and it’s future is still unclear. On one side there are expectations of a “panen raya” (golden crop), meaning volumes could be as high as 100,000 MT, but even if that would materialize the top 3 cigarette players will have to buy heavily to make up for last year’s mediocre harvest. Should the crop not meet expectations, prices are likely to move up with farmers holding on to their inventories.

"The crop should begin in June"

There is very little interest from our local vanilla farmers. The crop should begin in June, but once again after witnessing the past 10 years, it will be a poor one (around 100 MT). Though market prices have moved up in the past couple years, only a minority of farmers are really committed. Most farmers feel they can earn more money growing cocoa, chili, coffee … Besides a disappointing local crop there is still a large carryover inventory from previous years.

"Ginger to boost cardio health"

Indonesia has the highest consumption rate of ginger in the world. Locals don’t just throw this tasty root into their food, they use it to make tea and candy and also see it as a plant with great health benefits. Researchers from Stanford University claim that only half a tablespoon of ginger a day will reduce risk of clogged arteries by 27%, and is also twice as efficient as aspirin at preventing dangerous blood clots.

"Ginger Applications Dosage"

"Recipe: Ginger Granita"

INGREDIENTS • 600 ml Water • 125 gm Caster Sugar • 02 tsp GODSGI: ISLAND OF THE GODS Ginger Paste • 01 tbsp Lemon Juice

METHOD • For the Granita: Combine sugar, GODSGI: ISLAND OF THE GODS Ginger Paste, fresh ginger and 600ml water in a pot over medium heat and stir to dissolve, then increase the heat to high and bring to boil. •Remove from the heat, cover and let stand to infuse for 20 minutes. Strain. Add lemon juice and pour into a shallow container, stirring occasionally with a fork until frozen and crystallized (4 hours).

"NFC Standard & Nursery"

“If someone smart & rich doesn’t feel concerned by conservation issues, then he will remain small & stupid… because nature is life” _ Pak Dayan (farmer Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia)

- One of the sustainable issues with cinnamon / cassia is the destructive harvest of it. The whole tree is cut down and the cinnamon field is left to nature again. If the field is to be used again it will be used for another crop, other than cinnamon
- Farmers don’t replant cinnamon for economical reasons. For them it means freezing their land for 20 years (target harvesting age). On top of that, the current price per kg is too low. Cinnamon is, in their eyes, not a good future.
- To secure our future, we need to change the current habits & culture of all cinnamon players from farmer to customer.

To face these issues, TRIPPER along with their stakeholders, is developing the NFC standard for cinnamon production. The NFC standard (Nature Future and Culture) is created with help from local actors like farmers, collectors, suppliers, NGO’s and local authorities and is based on Customer Standards, Internationals Sustainability Standards and TRIPPER’S quality & philosophy.

The NFC is focusing on the real issues in the supply chain with a stepwise approach. Topics with less impact or relevancy will be dealt with at a later stage or not at all. We invite all interested parties to come over and check the NFC standard yourself.

TRIPPER will take responsibility for the activities in Kerinci by setting up a Cinnamon Nursery to supply local stakeholders/farmers with young trees.
With this Nursery and replanting plan, we will stimulate local communities to replant again. TRIPPER will supply good quality seedlings and train farmers in multi-cropping… with coffee or other crops, making cinnamon more interesting for the small farmers.

The objective for TRIPPER is to replant what we consume!

“I can not lead these actions (replantation) alone. I need the involvement of the entire farmer community" _ Pak Robert (cinnamon supplier)

"2014 Presidential elections: Jokowi or Prabowo?"

In July of this year, 185 million Indonesians will vote for their next president.

They will choose between two candidates: on one side Jakarta Governor, popularly known as Jokowi, on the other side a former Special Forces General, Prabowo. Until recently it seemed Jokowi was the clear favorite, but through a complex process of coalitions Mr Prabowo now seems to take the driver’s seat. The kingmaker has been Mr. Bakrie, from the Golkar party, who initially was supposed to team up with Jokowi but in a surprise move partnered with Prabowo.

Anything is now possible at the July elections and should the popular candidate Jokowi win, he would not have a majority at the parliament and would therefore lack executive power for the next five years.

Financial markets have reacted negatively to this political instability and so far stock markets & currency have dropped in the last few weeks.

"Food Ingredients Asia 2014"